“YOU are special, Luci”  the big purple dinosaur said, patting the girl’s head as it lay on his lap, praying that the thick felt of his costume would hide his hard-on.  In fact, Luci was special.  She was fifteen years old!  She was too damned old to be going to daycare and everybody knew it.  I don’t care if she knew a few spanish words and could carry a tune–she was still too old to be there and I’m surprised nobody else was concerned to see her big grown ass bouncing on Barney’s lap!  Come on, 90’s PBS?  Where were you?

But to my point.   Luci, Barney, Teachers, and Parents are to blame for the state of the young adults in our country.  We believe in ourselves too much.  We think we truly ARE special, deserving the best.  As long as we believe we can do it, that should be enough.  We take entry level positions and expect to be Vice President in 3 years.  We want to be paid for skills we don’t have.  Generation Y is full of ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having confidence, but you have to maintain a connection with reality.  Confidence without acknowledging certain truths about your life will lead to the ego roaring out of control.  It’s the ego that gets everyone in trouble.  The ego forces us to live in a world of delusion.  We create states of anxiety and drama for ourselves by focusing too much on the past or future.

Ultimately the key to achieving success is learning to disregard the ego.  Starve it by being present and conscious in your own life.  Accept the truth for what it is.  You are NOT that damned special.  You went to college like thousands of other people.  The skills you learned in college are ultimately useless because you will need to be trained to do any job you acquire.  ANYBODY can be trained to do ANYTHING if enough time and attention is put to the task.  Therefore, no matter how many many people have stroked your ego over the years, forget it.  You Aint SHIT.  Be prepared to work your way to success.  Be prepared to make far less than that guidance counselor with an office that smelled of hot cock quoted when you chose your college major.  You might be working in a position you originally thought a college education was supposed to allow you to bypass.  I had to come to terms with this a few weeks ago as my job search seemed to get more disappointing.  I’m now looking for anything that will provide extra income to pay the bills.  I wasn’t going to let my ego send me into bankruptcy at 25.  No, sir…retail work, here I come.

Eventually Luci got her big grown ass booted from Barney & Friends.  She realized the hard way that she wasn’t on her way to becoming the next Selena and got a heavy dose of presence in her life.  She wasn’t SPECIAL.  Nope.  Luci took her ass back to Texas and went to the local beauty school and now works as a stylist in the Dallas area.  Barney still misses her though.  And he’s never late on a child support payment. 😉

This was a fragmented and demented look at the teachings of Eckhart Tolle.  Read his books for a literal take on the philosophy.